The Ariana hotel is deligthed to announce you its grand reopenning since the 23rd of May 2020.


Always concerned with ensuring everyone's safety, a strict protocol specific to this exceptional health situation has been implemented throughout our establishment.

Here is the list of actions implemented, all of our teams are at your disposal to present them to you upon your arrival.


In the public areas: 

- Hydroalcoholic gel is available at the reception, in the elevators, in the breakfast room, the meeting room, the collective kitchen, the gym, as well as in your room.

- A total and meticulous disinfection of the public areas (reception, elevators, corridors, stairs, breakfast room, meeting room, fitness center and collective kitchen) is carried out several times a day, using a disinfecting product complying with standard NF EN 14476 effective in the fight against Coronaviruses and specifically against Covid-19 (the technical sheet of the product used by our teams is available at the reception).

- Single-use masks and gloves are available from reception or in the breakfast room.

- Access to elevators is limited to one person at a time, except for occupants of the same room.

- In order to respect our commitments, the whole of our team received before reopening a complete training on barrier gestures and the health protocols in place.


At the lobby:

- To ensure everyone's safety, our reception is protected by a plexiglass plate over its entire length.
- The schedules of our reception team are adapted to reduce the risk of contamination.
- Payment by bank card is favored for the payment of your stay, we will only accept cash as a last resort.

- Sending invoices by email or SMS is favored.

- The key to your room is previously disinfected and placed in a closed plastic bag, we ask you to keep your key with you throughout your stay, and to put it in the jar provided for this purpose at the reception on the day of your departure.

- During this period of deconfinement, we no longer offer paper newspapers, a computer is available in the lobby in order to consult the news.

- The information booklets provided by the city of Lyon are back at the reception, we ask you to bring with you any document that you may have touched on this display.

- A "sanitary serenity" zone has been set up at the reception, we ask you to respect this social distancing.


For the housekeeping:

- Our team will have no access to your room during your entire stay, except in an emergency. We will be able to provide you with a set of clean bathroom linen at your request, which will hang on the outside handle of your door.

- Between each use of the same room, it will be completely disinfected, then left fallow for a minimum of 24 hours. This waiting period guarantees the destruction of any viral strain that may be present.

-All of the bathroom linen and maintenance linen is washed at 60 ° C using virucidal disinfectant products.


For breakfast:

- Our entire buffet has been revisited. We still offer you fresh and quality products, individually wrapped at least 24 hours in advance.

- Our professional machines offer hot drinks served at + 60 ° C.

- All tables are spaced at least 1 meter from each other, thus guaranteeing social distance for all.

- A disinfection of the hands with hydroalcoholic gel and the wearing of a mask when you are using the buffet is requested from customers and employees in the breakfast room.

- Fried eggs and bacon are available and will be prepared in front of you at your request.

- All of our dishes and trays are cleaned in a machine at + 60 ° C for at least 4 minutes.

- Any breakfast ordered in your room will be delivered at your request to your front door.


In the meeting room:

- A minimum space of one meter between each seat is respected, in order to guarantee the social distancing of each participant.


In the collective kitchen:

- The collective kitchen is only available for the occupants of the same room at the same time.

- The use of the kitchen by several customers at the same time remains under the acceptance of the people already present on your arrival.


At the gym:

- The use of the gym is limited to two people at a time.
- The use of the sports room by more than two people at the same time remains subject to acceptance by customers already on site at your arrival.



These health and safety instructions are not exhaustive and may vary depending on the evolution of the pandemic. Our team is at your disposal to answer your questions.